Introducing My Portfolio

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel, I’m Physiotherapy from Indonesia,, at this time i’m work at hospital but also in clinic to. Now my  focus is in pediatric physiotherapy. about 2009 i work for CBR  program with Terre des homes-netherlands at Ende flores.  I like this online course because i want to have something new,and have a lot of freinds around the world.


Our Best,

Danielmaria ngelina nake 3


4 thoughts on “Introducing My Portfolio

  1. Hi Chantelle, yes this picture i take at ende (some place in indonesia), this is CBR project to community. Now i work in hospital as general physiotherapy and pediatric physiotherapy in my own clinic. i was 10 years work in pediatric field.. i’m so happy to work in this field… how about you chantelle?

    • Hi Daniel. Your work sounds really inspiring. In my practice I work with babies and kids with respiratory disease and neurological, orthopaedic or developmental problems/concerns. I also do hippotherapy using the horse as a therapy tool with therapy for kids with special needs.I only do home and school visits. I used to work in government hospitals with premature babies and general paeds, and then general private practice in all the fields for rooms and in-hospital patients. That is what is so amazing about physiotherapy, there are so many fields of practice and areas of work to choose from. Have a great weekend! Chat again soon.

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